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Grit, Glam, and Guts begin in 2011 in Lansing, MI as a one-day event for girls and transformed into a movement to inspire, equip, and empower teens to navigate modern-day challenges. The first event was a one-day conference for teen girls with the goal of creating a safe space, create a sisterhood, and empowerment within a community.  It has now expanded to include multi-partnerships in 3 cities, a week-long residential camp at Michigan State University, and after school programming.


Grit, Glam, and Guts is rooted in its core values of Courage, Leadership, Authenticity, Self-Determination, and Solidarity (CLASS).  Through these values, we work to improve the personal, social, academic, and career development of girls throughout Michigan.



Cameo King is a global leader who advocates for girls and women to show up authentic and whole at home, on the job, and in the community.

Her passion began in the nation's capital at Howard University where she earned her BA in Broadcast Journalism. She began her career in media as a reporter and anchor for Power 96.5 and 1320 WILS, and as a producer and assignment editor for the CBS affiliate, WLNS 6 News in Lansing, MI.

Cameo became rooted in her commitment to growing local communities after having one of the most rewarding experiences of teaching a media course to a local youth organization. From there, her love of empowering individuals grew. 

"I didn't have to become perfect because I've learned throughout my journey that perfection is the enemy of greatness."

- Janelle Monae

Our Mission

Our Mission

 Grit, Glam, & Guts works to transform the lives of underserved girls through the arts, educational and civic engagement opportunities to promote social change, eliminate barriers to success, maximize potential, empower girls to gain higher self-awareness, develop a healthy self-identity, and also recognize and engage in the power of their voice.


Our Vision

It is our vision that every girl is given the tools to reach her full potential emotionally, intellectually, socially, occupationally, financially, and environmentally.   

How do we accomplish our mission?

With the tools of self-awareness, self-identity, and the power of your voice, we are able to promote social change, eliminate barriers to success, maximize potential, empower girls to reach their full potential.


Self-Awareness broadens teens' perspective, leads teens to higher emotional intelligence, social skills, and empathy all characteristics that are crucial in the success of an individual. It increases teen’s ability to avoid risks or hazards, and promote social and emotional competence to thrive in all aspects of life, now and in the future.


Self-Identity is the foundation of how we make decisions about relationships, school, and even our life-long purpose. It plays a critical role in the overall wellness of youth. It also increases self-esteem while reducing mental health issues prevalent & rising among teens like depression and anxiety.


Recognizing and engaging in the power of one’s voice is self-advocacy. It is the ability to understand and communicate one's needs and boundaries to other individuals. Self-advocacy is an important skill that supports lifelong success.

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